Big Guys Pizza: Ginormously Good!

Jun 28, 2012

Big Guys Pizza

For his birthday, our office mate Joseph ordered this big and humongous pizza from Big Guys.  This is the 36' cut into squares and it was really and truly, ginormously good! This was more than enough for an office full of hungry 11 girls and one birthday boy. Since this was my first time to taste it, I was so pleasantly surprised because it was so good.  It was really good for birthdays and other occasions because of its size.

You can view their menu here.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 27, 2012

Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy!  Happiness is:
1. Tuesday Zumba classes. Exhilarating!
2. Sinangag and tuyo for breakfast.
3. My boss' birthday and lunch treat at Seven Corners.
4. Rediscovering Twitter and funny tweets.
5. Scheduling my passport renewal and hoping for a trip abroad.
6. The kids for being very cooperative in the morning.  Surprisingly, I only have to wake them up once! Saves me a lot of time and energy.
7. Having that extra 15-minutes for myself every morning either to just sit down and put my feet up or buff the floor, ha ha.
8.  My sister Kris for attending school meetings for me.
9.  My OB check-up for the good results.
10.  My husband for working very hard for our family and for finding contentment and happiness even on his very simple birthday celebration. I feel lucky that he feels complete and content just being with us.

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Something to Aspire To

Jun 26, 2012

This is the BSA Twin Towers, located at St. Francis square in Ortigas, near SM Megamall.  I took a photo of it using my blackberry set on sepia mode.  I walk to my office from EDSA one fine morning and I realized that it is our own version of Malaysia's Petronas Tower! Or so I would like to think.  You see, I am listing down things and places that I aspire to do or visit and going to Malaysia and having my picture taken with the Petronas Tower is one of them. And my daily commute to work, and seeing the BSA Tower is a reminder that I have something to aspire to, and I know that I am walking purposely towards that goal everyday.

Oh, and did you know that some Filipinos were part of the design team of the PEtronas Tower? Wow, you learn something everyday!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 21, 2012

Happiness is:
1. The kids are better! Yehey!
2. Noel's schedule is at 5am so he has to leave the house before 4am so I am up early. We all get to school and work on time!
3. My BB is such a source of information, he he. More time-wasters!
4. No problem with getting the kids to drink their meds, yey!
5. The McDo BigNTasty lunch with my officemates. Yummy!
6. The fishball and kikiam dinner. Small joys!
7. Peanut butter, donut and french fries. Yes, I am all about food!>br /> 8. The Zumba session. Its the only exercise I am getting now so I am really happy that we have it once a week.
9. Only 2 days before Noel's birthday!
10. I didn't gain any weight despite the binge eating this week! :-)

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Jaywalkers Beware!

Jun 19, 2012

Remember when I posted about the creative ways MMDA hopes to deter jaywalkers in the EDSA-Ortigas intersection? Well, this morning, my husband and I stopped at the intersection when the light turned red once more and there was a lady on a loud speaker telling the people to use the foot bridge.  And there was a tent where what looks like a seminar was happening! I guess that is where they bring the jaywalkers that continuously ignore the signs.  I hope that they are given enough penalty to teach them not to endanger their lives and those of other people on the street! So jaywalkers beware and use the foot bridges instead.  It may be the longer route, but you are sure you will get to where you are going in one whole piece!

Creative No Jaywalking Signs in EDSA-Ortigas

Jun 15, 2012

I commute to work from Sta. Mesa in Manila to Ortigas Center In Pasig City and I pass by Edsa-Ortigas intersection everyday.  Despite the presence of footbridges on the four streets of the intersection, it is not uncommon to see pedestrians jaywalking.  I am a wary street crosser because way back in college, I was caught jaywalking in Edsa-Crossing and I missed a job interview.  I also had to pay a P20 fine, which I did not have at that time, and I had to call the now ex-boyfriend to bail me out.  That was embarrassing, to say the least. So I would rather go the longer but safer way, that cross on streets clearly labeled unsafe.  

What caught my attention on the above photos is the presence of a cardboard cut-out of a person crossing the street despite the huge jaywalking sign.  And you know what, it happens too! There is the sign, the MMDA guy and the railing, and yet people still climb over it.  Don't they realize the danger? And there health benefits to talking the stairs of the footbridge!  But I realized that if they dont care about their bodies being hit by buses, they probably couldnt care less about losing a few calories!

Kudos to MMDA for these creative signs.  There used to be a huge sign that says, "Walang Tawiran. Nakamamatay", which didnt work but I hope this one works!

Welcoming the Rainy Season

Jun 14, 2012

It is just the second week of June, and yet we are already welcoming our second tropical storm for the year! So, have you prepared your homes yet for the rainy season?  One thing I hate when it rains is when insects and other pests start crawling up to the house.  That gives me a major headache because the kids turn crazy when they see a cockroach and other slimy insects.  So I keep contact with avondale pest control so that before the rainy season starts, my home is ready and safe from creepy crawlers! Another thing I do is I keep things that might get wet from the rain on dry places.  They are favorite breeding ground for insects and I hate it if they multiply in my house.  I also try to elevate most things from the floor because we never know if we will be flooded or not, just like what happened last year.  And if our couch should get wet, I cannot imagine what bacteria and germs might grow there.  So the best thing to do this rainy season is to have a visit from your pest specialist and avoid having a breeding ground for insects. That way, your home will be safe and sound, and a perfect place to relax despite the rains!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 13, 2012

Think happy thoughts! Happiness is:
1. The mid week holiday for the Philippine Independence which gave us an extra day to prepare for the first day of classes.
2. The new school things for my kids.
3. Their excitement on the first day and being able to bring them to school.
4. Preparing them for school and their baon.
5. My husband for his effort to bring them to school.
6. My mom for buying their lunch.
7. My sister for helping me with their school stuff like covering their books, etc.
8. For my officemates for all the fun.
9. Robinsons shopcard.
10. For my health card for all the check up last week.

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Manny Pacquiao: A True Champion

Jun 10, 2012

In my book, Manny Pacquiao won that match against Timothy Bradley.  While we all miss those times when Manny made his opponents kiss the floor and throw their arms in surrender, he was clearly the better fighter in this match.  A lot has been said already about the fight being rigged and that Manny was robbed.  So in my book, Manny Pacquiao is the true champion.  He accepted his defeat graciously, like  a true gentleman.  He is really a changed man. This one defeat will define his career and maybe, this is something that has to happen so that even greater things can happen for him!  Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao! In our hearts, you are still The Pambansang Kamao ng Pilipinas!

Who Wants to Go on a Roadtrip?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PA Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.


I love road trips! I love bringing my family together on the van and just driving to wherever the road would take us.  There are lots of fun to be had with an unplanned trip, even the part about getting lost but eventually getting there!  Unfortunately, that works before when my kids were younger and they dont really care where we take them as long as they are safely tucked in the car and they have some food and toys to while away the time.  But now that they are bigger, you have to have an itinerary and list of things to do and visit, otherwise, you would whiners in the car with you!  Good thing that planning roadtrips are now very easy to do with Roadtrip-a-Matic! I would love to do a roadtrip to Pennsylvania, do pa-roadtrips and experience its small town charm, historical landmarks and the generosity of the people.

 A perfect roadtrip that I would love to do from the Roadtrip-Matic would be the the Shutterbugs. I would bring my whole family, even my mom and my sister because we a nature adventure filled with lots of opportunies for taking pictures! Since we all have cameras of our own and love to make photo albums of our nature travel, this would be perfect for us.  The kids would love adding to their nature collection and my mom would love to reminisce about her own nature adventures!  With destinations like Blue Lake Marsh and Lake Kempton, the Shutterbug trip would really be perfect!  Not to mention the other destinations like Hawk Mountain, the Town of Nazareth and Big Pocono State Park, I am sure this would be a memorable road trip for me and the whole family!  

So if you want to do a roadtrip with your family or just your partner, without the usual hassle, check out Roadtrip-a-Matic!

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20 Things I Love

Jun 8, 2012

The list calls for things and so people that I love will not be on this list.  So, in no particular order, here are some 20 things that I am loving right now:

1. Eyelash extensions! They made me look way hotter.  But its too much a hassle so I'm not sure if I'm doing it again.
2. My new blackberry with unlimited Facebook, twitter and ym. Cool!
3. My egg-shaped speaker.  Best when listening on the radio while at the office.
4. My office plants. They give my desk some color.
5. White coffee. Yummy!
6. My black shawl.
7. The family van
8. Liquid eyeliner
9. My apad and the reading app. If only battery life is not too short.
10. My Liway, my first netbook
11. Ishi's alampay. Its actually a beach wrap that I love to take to bed with me.
12. My Dickies watch
13. My rubber shoes
14. Hip hop abs
15. Guava leaves
16. Warm water
17. Condensed milk
18. Petroleum jelly
19. Zumba!
20. Ebooks

So here are just some of the things that makes my life a little better. How about you, what's on your list?

Dragons Live!

Jun 7, 2012

We had our fiesta last June 3 and while we don't celebrate it as lavishly as we do in the province, it was still nice to know that such celebrations live even in the city.  Our barangay officials hosted a week long program, complete with singing and dancing contest and Little Miss Barangay, and the ubiquitous Ms. Gay.  Its a good thing that classes of my kids will start next week because they were always watching the programs every night.  On the feast day itself, we were greeted by a band playing loudly on the street and when afternoon came, we were delighted with these fire dancers and eaters who did their act for a small donation! We were so amazed to realize that dragons still live! 
Above is just of the games that our neighbors prepared for the kids.  And even though I only prepared ginataang halo-halo for the afternoon, we had a fun and memorable fiesta celebration!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 6, 2012

"There is always something to be thankful for!"  Happiness is:
1. The fun Zumba last night! Intense but super fun!
2. My sister's spaghetti was surprisingly Yum, yum yum! Now she cooks.
3. The vouchers for the tattoo that I bought for me and my husband.
4. Watching Snow White and the Huntsman for free, thanks to Nuffnang.
5. Drexelle's new bag from his Ninang Elaine! Saved a few thousands, he he.
6. Loving my new BB and the unlimited Facebook and twitter. He he.
7. The free school supplies the kids from our city councilors. Not bad.
8. A week before school officially starts for my kids. Enough time to get them ready.
9.  Noel's new job. Hope he likes it a lot!
10. Being with friends at lunch.  I missed this!

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Cute Gift Ideas

It is June and Christmas is just a few months around the corner.  And some very well-organized people I know are already starting with their Christmas list.  I know how it feels when it is already well into the season and you have not completed your gift shopping so it really makes perfect sense to start making the list and buying some items already. One way to store them is to put them in plastic containers and  storing them in a cool place.  That way the items stay in nice shape even you bought them some months before.  And buying at this time will save you a lot of money, which means you can buy nicer items too.  You have more choices and there is less pressure as well.I found these cute gift ideas, these Mont Bleu nail files, and I know that I should  already buy them and store them as gifts for  the Christmas season. I know that my friends would love it especially because its unique and very cute. They are perfect gifts for girls, especially if with some nail polish in their favorite colors!  So I am off to buy these items now after I complete my Christmas list!


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