Creative No Jaywalking Signs in EDSA-Ortigas

Jun 15, 2012

I commute to work from Sta. Mesa in Manila to Ortigas Center In Pasig City and I pass by Edsa-Ortigas intersection everyday.  Despite the presence of footbridges on the four streets of the intersection, it is not uncommon to see pedestrians jaywalking.  I am a wary street crosser because way back in college, I was caught jaywalking in Edsa-Crossing and I missed a job interview.  I also had to pay a P20 fine, which I did not have at that time, and I had to call the now ex-boyfriend to bail me out.  That was embarrassing, to say the least. So I would rather go the longer but safer way, that cross on streets clearly labeled unsafe.  

What caught my attention on the above photos is the presence of a cardboard cut-out of a person crossing the street despite the huge jaywalking sign.  And you know what, it happens too! There is the sign, the MMDA guy and the railing, and yet people still climb over it.  Don't they realize the danger? And there health benefits to talking the stairs of the footbridge!  But I realized that if they dont care about their bodies being hit by buses, they probably couldnt care less about losing a few calories!

Kudos to MMDA for these creative signs.  There used to be a huge sign that says, "Walang Tawiran. Nakamamatay", which didnt work but I hope this one works!

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