Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 21, 2012

Happiness is:
1. The kids are better! Yehey!
2. Noel's schedule is at 5am so he has to leave the house before 4am so I am up early. We all get to school and work on time!
3. My BB is such a source of information, he he. More time-wasters!
4. No problem with getting the kids to drink their meds, yey!
5. The McDo BigNTasty lunch with my officemates. Yummy!
6. The fishball and kikiam dinner. Small joys!
7. Peanut butter, donut and french fries. Yes, I am all about food!>br /> 8. The Zumba session. Its the only exercise I am getting now so I am really happy that we have it once a week.
9. Only 2 days before Noel's birthday!
10. I didn't gain any weight despite the binge eating this week! :-)

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