Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 27, 2012

Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy!  Happiness is:
1. Tuesday Zumba classes. Exhilarating!
2. Sinangag and tuyo for breakfast.
3. My boss' birthday and lunch treat at Seven Corners.
4. Rediscovering Twitter and funny tweets.
5. Scheduling my passport renewal and hoping for a trip abroad.
6. The kids for being very cooperative in the morning.  Surprisingly, I only have to wake them up once! Saves me a lot of time and energy.
7. Having that extra 15-minutes for myself every morning either to just sit down and put my feet up or buff the floor, ha ha.
8.  My sister Kris for attending school meetings for me.
9.  My OB check-up for the good results.
10.  My husband for working very hard for our family and for finding contentment and happiness even on his very simple birthday celebration. I feel lucky that he feels complete and content just being with us.

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