Welcoming the Rainy Season

Jun 14, 2012

It is just the second week of June, and yet we are already welcoming our second tropical storm for the year! So, have you prepared your homes yet for the rainy season?  One thing I hate when it rains is when insects and other pests start crawling up to the house.  That gives me a major headache because the kids turn crazy when they see a cockroach and other slimy insects.  So I keep contact with avondale pest control so that before the rainy season starts, my home is ready and safe from creepy crawlers! Another thing I do is I keep things that might get wet from the rain on dry places.  They are favorite breeding ground for insects and I hate it if they multiply in my house.  I also try to elevate most things from the floor because we never know if we will be flooded or not, just like what happened last year.  And if our couch should get wet, I cannot imagine what bacteria and germs might grow there.  So the best thing to do this rainy season is to have a visit from your pest specialist and avoid having a breeding ground for insects. That way, your home will be safe and sound, and a perfect place to relax despite the rains!

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