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Jul 25, 2012

We live in a small, one-bedroom house and for a family of 7, that is cramped. We have a running joke that when you fall in the kitchen, you will land in the bedroom!  I kid you not, our house is small.  But like in the Eraserheads' song, >'bahay nami'y maliit lamang, pero pero malinis to, pati sa kusina, and yes, our small humble home is clean, cozy and just perfect for my family. I believe that in the mantra: your home, your imagination! But our perfect little home will benefit a lot from these great finds from Mandaue Foam and I will tell you why!
This double deck will be perfect for our room for the kids. It will surely be exciting for them to sleep in a double-deck bed as we only sleep on a mattress now. I can imagine them already fighting over who gets to sleep on top, ha ha!
This Retro Bench will be perfect for our living area because of the additional storage space that it provides. I can put my magazine collection and knick-knacks inside to avoid clutter.  The leather cover will also make my house look clean and sleek.

Since I love reading, this bookcase will take a special place in our house.  I want to influence my kids to love reading so this will be very prominent in our living area.  I can already see my Harry Potter collection and Twilight books filling the upper shelves!

"Your Home, Your Imagination"

If you want to check out more wonderful items that will be perfect for your home, and your imagination, check out the website of Mandaue Foam or any of their branches.  Check out their newest, heartwarming commercial here:

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