I Am Lucky!

Jul 5, 2012

I didn't won the lotto jackpot, but I know that I am luckier than most people because my kids love me!  Below is a card that Danniel did for a class project.  His brother helped with the drawing, but the words all came from Danniel and it was full of love and gratitude.
Buff Dad and Sexy Mommy
 I am lucky because I and my husband are  loved by our kids.   Even though we can only give them so much material things because of financial difficulties, I can feel their happiness with our lives.  They are not spoiled, and they understand our situation and would only ask for things that we can give!
The words are filled with love
This is my greatest blessing in life: not money, not wealth, not fame, not even my job (where I know I am lucky also), but from the love I get from my family.  And for this, I know I am luckier than most because I sleep soundly at night, filled with gratitude for this blessing!

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