My Diet Saga

Jul 25, 2012

I have been on diet since 5 years ago when my  office mate, who was then on her 9th-month of pregnancy weighed as much as I did! I was 148 lbs on my 5'2" frame and was obese, based on my BMI.  And I didn't feel good about myself.  I cant wear nice clothes because they doesn't look good on me and I felt sluggish and heavy.  So I started to look for ways to lose weight.  I took to skipping meals and taking diet pills.  But I started having migraine attacks and palpitations so I stopped.  Then I started running and doing aerobic exercise.  I also started watching what I eat, and eat less carbs and more fruits and vegetables.  From 148 lbs, I lost 25 lbs in 6 months!  I kept this weight for more than a year until I slowly went back to my heaviest of 132 lbs last year.  Good thing, our office opened a gym for employees and I kept my weight at 132 lbs.  Unfortunately, the gym closed 3 months ago and I am now again at my heaviest after 5 years at 138.5 lbs! So when I weighed myself yesterday and got jolted about my weight increase, I vowed to look closely once more at what I am eating.  I promise myself that instead of chips, I will eat fruits with delicious fruit dressing and more vegetables instead of meat.  I will also exercise and try to run again, instead of just the once a week Zumba class that I attend!  If I was able to do it once, I know that I can do it again and lose the excess weight I have gained so far! So good luck to me!

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  • ravena666
    July 29, 2012  

    Hi! Maybe you can try Sureslim ( I just started with the diet plan they recommended for me and everything's great so far. I heard Cohen is also a good option :)

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