My First Tattoo Experience at Ink Asia Tattoo

Jul 11, 2012

I bought 2 vouchers from Ensogo for discounts at Ink Asia Tattoo for me and my husband.  At P499 for a 2x2 black or colored tattoo, I know it was a steal.  I also googled Ink Asia before I purchased the voucher and while they were not popular, I didnt see anything bad written about them.  Ink Asia Tattoo is located at Metromart Complex in Pinatubo Street in Mandaluyong, at the back of Wendys near the jeepney station.
Its just a small place but they have a decent  waiting area and cool aircon.  I thought at first it was too cold, only to realize that I was just nervous!  So anyway, when we got there and show the voucher, they got our preferred design and even asked me if it was really what I wanted and even offered to design one for me.  But I wanted my first tattoo to be simple and meaningful so I just stick to my design. While they were preparing the tracing paper, I checked their tools and found them satisfactory.

The needles were sealed and other thing was properly sterilized and sanitized. The disposable gloves was  also reassuring.  The light was not working but they didnt need it because my tattoo was so simple.
Below is the thing which I dont know the name.  The needle goes through the silver thingie and the other is where the ink goes trough.
My foot before the tattoo was traced.  We were supposed to just check out the tattoo shop and maybe book an appointment so my nails weren't pedicured and all.  But they were not busy so they entertained us even without an appointment.

So they printed my design and traced it on my foot at the exact place I wanted it and then once I was satisfied with its placement, size and details, the pain began! Of course, he first cleaned the area with alcohol before putting the design.

Initially, when I was asked where I want it and I told him on the foot, the artist, Jobi asked me if I was sure because according to him, it was going to be very painful.  There is not fat in that area and he would have to put pressure on the needle for the ink to sink into to skin. Yes, I said I was sure. 
It was indeed painful.  Imagine lacerating your skin with a cutter and never stopping till you cry.  Tears were streaming down my eyes and I was biting my lips and my hands were holding tightly to the couch ( the other hand was busy taking pictures). And Jobi was like, sorry, but I have to do it in one motion.  Good thing my design was so simple I only had to bear it for a few minutes.  Can you imagine if I had a design that could cover my whole foot?  I might have kicked him, ha ha. It was of course bearable because I had no choice: I wanted it done! And the result was just as I wanted: simple yet pretty! 

Meet my butterfly tattoo with kanji design.  Its not an original design but I fell in love with it (and the story) when I saw it on the internet.  I know that my first tattoo experience was unforgettable and I love it that Jobi from Ink Asia was able to capture the simplicity of my tattoo.  I love it and I can look at it everyday and never regret my first choice for my first tattoo!

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