Glass Nail Files

Aug 9, 2012

Like any other woman, I take care of how I look.  I make it a point to look good and presentable so I have a weekly pampering date for myself.  I especially love having my nails done so that when I extend my hands for a handshake, my fingers look all neat and clean.  My manicurist uses these glass nail files which she said their boss orders directly from and they are superb! They do not damage my nails like the usual nail files do.  They also look good and very durable.  I also think that these glass nail files are perfect for gifts for my girl friends because they are so neat and chic looking.  I would really want to receive them as gift myself! The unique designs, including those with Swarovski crystals, are really wonderful!  They are easy to clean and would last long so I know that they are just perfect.  If you want your nails to look good even if you don't visit a salon regularly, and give them as gifts as well, go to their website and find out how to get them for yourself! I know I will order some for myself and my friends!

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