Selling My Dream House?!

Aug 16, 2012

We are paying for a low-cost home that we bought more than 5 years ago.  We already made improvements  to this house by taking out some bank loans and from some of our own personal savings.  However, after the storm that submerged most of Metro Manila and provinces, it was destroyed and we had to start again from scratch.  We took out some more loans and used money that we should have saved for our eldest son's educational fund.  And after all those expenses and sacrifices, we have not lived there except for long weekends and holidays.  I don't think we have used the house to get our money's worth.  And then, there is the recent flooding that affected a lot of places and while my house was not as affected as 3 years ago, it was still flooded!  So now, I am thinking of selling my dream house.  I wish I can find a good realtor, like those from Austin Texas real estate, that can give me a good price for my house. I know that this is not really the best time to sell the house, when people are very wary of places that gets flooded but I don't think that I can still afford to throw good money after bad. Wish me good luck in selling my dream house!

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