Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Aug 1, 2012

Happy Rainy Wednesday! Keep safe and dry! Happiness is:

1. Payday and slowly paying off debts! And saying no to new expenses :)
2. Rainy weather, bed weather! I am a fan of rainy days (except for the floods).
3. Zumba tonight and my diet that starts today (again!)
4. My boss turns 10 years at work today and he is treating us to Bug Guys Pizza( was I just talking about my diet? he he)
5. Learning new things like EV, PE, Ebit, Ebitda. La la la la :)
6. Class suspension for the kids. They are safe at home!
7. My sister Kris for her newly rebonded hair (was I again just talking about saying no to expenses?  Ha ha, thanks Cathy for letting me use your credit card for the rebond deal!)
8. And for Kris, and her  OJT stint at Manila Bulletin.  My little sister is now an adult. Wait till you see her name on the paper :) Ba-byline na yun!
9. Our beautiful. beautiful pictures in Ilocos, thanks to Joseph and his camera!
10. My husband for being the best that he can be :)

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