Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Aug 22, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today is the first day of the week after a 4-day weekend so let us start counting our blessings!

Happiness is:

1. The 4-day weekend where we only stayed at home, woke up late, ate, slept and watch movies.
2. New responsibilities at work.
3. People who believe in me.  And even for people who do not.  Because of them, I felt challenged to do better.
4. Torrent. Ha ha.
5. Caryl's book. And for her belief that I can learn on my own.
6.  For my friends at work, for their continuous trust and support.
7.  Vanilla ice cream and sponge cake. Super yummy combination, thanks to Aryssa!
8. Our house in Montalban is now clean! Though it was also flooded, it was not as bad as Ondoy.
9. Twitter and Facebook, for the distraction, and for keeping me sane.
10. For my family, for their unconditional love and support.

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