Wood or Tiles?

Aug 17, 2012

I grew in the province where houses are cool in the summer and warm during rainy season, thanks to proper ventilation and well thought out flooring. There are thatched roof and flooring are sometime made from bamboo where air can freely circulate inside.  But now we live in the city where large spaces are hard to come by and even impossible to have houses made from wood.  We always see cement houses and iron-sheeted roof that does not make well ventilated homes. So now, our family is having a discussion on whether to have floor tiles or hard wood. I want hardwood ever since I saw nice designs from http://www.brewercarpetonenorthokc.com/hardwood-flooring http://www.brewercarpetonenorthokc.com/hardwood-flooring and I told my husband to check them out. He likes white floor tiles so that the house would look bright and clean.  I think it would look much too like a hospital while a house with wooden floors would look very homey and filled with warmth.  Well, the debate is still raging on and I hope my husband would see the light and choose my side.  My mom has her own choice, which is to have floors elevated to prevent rain water from entering our house.  She actually has the most logical choice, but one can always dream.

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