We Travel To Eat!

Sep 29, 2012

On our first night at Fort Ilocandia Resort, we had a meal prepared for the 17 of us in the group.  Since our planning session will officially start after the meal, my boss made sure that it was good and satisfying.  While the meal was very good, not all the food here tasted as good as they looked.  This seafood dish in cream sauce was okay. 
This meat dish, which I can't remember the name, was the best dish of the night. The cream sauce was also perfect!
This pasta was so awful, ha ha.
This potato dish was also one of the best dish ever!
This soup was okay after we put lots of salt and pepper.
This veggie dish was also better in pictures than in taste.  Did you notice that almost all the dishes were cream based? Maybe thats the reason why we didnt like some of them.  We were overwhelmed by the creaminess!
This beef dish tasted good but the meat was not that tender. But we loved the potato!
This was  a fish dish of some sort and it was okay too. It was cold cuts and perfect with rice, ha ha.
Dessert was a lonely affair because this cake didn't taste as good as it looked.  We only finished two slices of the whole 2 cakes and we had to give it away the following day to a police station where we asked for directions.
This humble gelatin with pineapple saved the evening for us because it was good! Just the right sweetness and consistency!

Dont worry, the first night's meal maybe a disappointment but the second night's selection was far better! Wait for it and be hungry!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 26, 2012

Happy Wednesday! Happiness is:
1. Trying, and somehow succeeding in doing a financial model (fingers-crossed).
2. Zumba!
3. My successful no-rice diet.
4. KFC brownies, Aryysa and Jana.  They keep me sane!
5. Saying no to chips, sweets and popcorn. And ice cream too.
6. Good news at my husband's work.
7. My kids for their goodnight hugs and kisses!
8. My husband for his crazy, sweets text messages!
9. My sane friends, Ehms and Rona!  These guys are my anchor too.  As long as they are just a text away, I am good.
10. Getting chat messages, text messages and phone calls from friends Karen, Mel, Blanda, Cathy, Mayeth and Vangie! They help me get through the day!

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Ilocos Tour Itinerary

Sep 22, 2012

I just want to list down the places that we visited when we to Ilocos last July and here is the list, and the itinerary
Day 1:
Leave Ortigas at 12mn and arrive in Laoag at 8am.
Breakfast at McDonalds
Check in at Fort Ilocandia
Visit Paoay Church
Check out the Paoay Sand Dunes
Have lunch at Max's
Check out the Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag
and even check out some funny signs along the way!
Go back to hotel and eat dinner!

Day 2:
Leave the hotel at 8am
Be amazed at the Bangui Windmills
Wet your toes at Saud Beach
and drive aimlessly for hours to see the Patapat Viaduct
Return to the hotel and eat dinner!

Day 3:
Have breakfast and check out at the hotel at 8am
Go to Vigan and check out Calle Crisologo
Buy lots and lots of souvenir items
See how an authentic Vigan Empanada is cooked
Have a picture taken at Plaza Burgos
Say goodbye to Calle Crisologo in Vigan and brave the traffic going back to Manila
Arrive Manila at midnight and start writing about Ilocos tours and how it would be so fun to come back again!

KangKang Windmill Cafe

Sep 21, 2012

This is a continuation of my Ilocos series which was a series of posts for places we visited last July 2012.  On our 2nd day in Ilocos, we went to the Bacarra Bell Tower, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation and the Bangui Windmills, before stopping here at Kangkang Windmill Cafe for lunch.  Yes, the name caught my attention too.  But thanks to this blog, I found out nothing is wrong with the name, ha ha ha. We were a hungry bunch of 17 and it was noon and it was the only eating place nearby, so why not?

We were the only patrons and the two vehicles were our ride.  The restroom at this cafe is nice and is located at the building next to our van.

We were hoping for authentic Ilocano dishes and we were not disappointed.  While they took a long time to serve the dishes, they made up for the wait with some good food!  This pinakbet is exactly how my mother-in-law do it.  She is from Ilocos too and her pinakbet is a real treat!

This pansit is so-so and really was just enough to fill our hunger and did but nothing much.
The grilled squid was really good but the serving was too little! I think we ordered 4 of those and it was still not enough.

The highlight of our meal is this bagnet which is enough for me to recommend KangKang Windmill Cafe to everyone.  It was perfection, cholesterol-induced-coma be damned!

Oh, shamelessly, we ordered rice enough to feed an army!
It was a hot and humid afternoon, but they serve good food and the view was great so it was a lunch time well spent at KangKang Cafe.  Oh, but it was pricey too because we spent more than P300 each for that meal. But since there was no other restaurant in the area, it was okay, ha ha,

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 20, 2012

Work is indeed getting in the way of my blogging so I am counting down Wednesday happiness on a Thursday. Anyway, happiness is:

1. Last Friday's get-together with friends, thanks to Vangie's birthday treat and with Mel commuting from Pasay to come to Ortigas and Karen calling all the way from abroad.  It was fun and i really miss these girls!
2. Getting through that lunch without rice, ha ha but eating one whole slice of super yummy cheesecake.
3. Danniel is Top 1 in his year level, grade 4 and Ishi is Top 6 in Grade 2.
4. That super fun date with Ishi at Robinsons Magnolia last Sunday.
5. Drexelle is finally learning to review his siblings, a job that he will do full time next year when his Tita starts to work and graduate from college.
6. Noel had his interview for probationary position at work! Yehey!
7. The Boracay ticket has been finally issued, and am so excited for the trip.
8, New sets of tickets bought, this time to CDO in January, with BFF's Ehms and Rona (with Rodney) and yours truly (with Noel). Hope we can add one more person to that trip, ha ha. Calling Ehms!!!
9. New learnings at work! Stressful but fulfilling!
10. Losing 2.5 lbs with no exercise.

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Creating Memories at Robinsons Magnolia

Sep 18, 2012

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I checked out the newest Robinsons Mall to make new memories!  The mall is big, well lit and airy and feels nothing like the old Robinsons malls I was used to.
There were lots of open spaces out front when you look out at the veranda. There was a huge water fountain too that my daughter was so excited about because she thought it was a wishing well.
We took public transportation from the house and it was very easy to go there because jeepneys going to Cubao ply that route along Aurora Blvd.

While the Jollibee store was still under construction and because my daughter wants fried chicken, we settled for the Bacolod Inasal that she loves.  There were may food choices like Kenny Rogers, Yabu, Buffet 101, Bonchon, but it was packed so we just ordered from Bacolod Inasal and Adobo connection.  The supermarket, while smaller than that of Robinsons Galleria was okay too.
My daughter had a thing for restrooms because she is always in awe of how the water faucet works and she especially loved the restrooms here.  Not only are the politically correct, but the water faucet and the handwash dispenser are automatic, as well as the toilet flush! My daughter came back 3 times just to check out each rest room that she sees!
It was indeed a rainy weekend well spent at Robinsons Magnolia.  We also went to the Robinsons Department store and bought wallet and hair accesories for my daughter.  We also went to True Value and bought a plastic storage box on sale!

So if you have time, visit Robinsons Magnolia and like my daughter and me, make new happy memories together!

Time spent with your kids are time well spent as you can see from the happiness from my daughter's eyes!

Priceless Moments

Sep 17, 2012

The joy that you see in the eyes of your child is a mother's greatest treasure!  I couldn't ask for anything more in this life than to see such happiness in my children!

Making Memories

Sep 15, 2012

My daughter and I will have a mother-daughter bonding thing tomorrow and I am thinking of going to the newest Robinsons Mall, the Robinsons Magnolia in Aurora Blvd.  She is already super excited and is already thinking of where we would eat.  I know that it is important that I make happy memories with my kids and this special bonding with my daughter is something that I know she will cherish! We can do some girl stuff-eat, get pampered and check out stuff for the house especially at this new carpet store. She already know what she will have for lunch and maybe we can look for a nail salon too! I know that she will have a great time even just holding my hand and strolling at the mall because it is one of the best things in life, the time spent together!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 13, 2012

A belated Happy Wednesday to all this blessed Thursday! Apologies for the late posts but offline work has been overtaking my life and I have so little time online except on my blackberry.  Anyway, here are just some things I am happy about:

1. The Boracay trip for my husband and me this coming October is finally ticketed and confirmed. I am still looking for a hotel and one of my criteria is that it should have something like those arizona custom pools I saw on TV. This is actually a belated 14th wedding anniversary trip too!
2. The diet has started too, ha ha. So that I can wear a flattering swimwear, ahem.
3. The buffet spaghetti and pizza at TOSH last Friday with friends. Binge-ing before dieting, ha ha.
4. Work, and the learning that comes with it. This is the reason why I cant go online as much as I want.
5. Our Zumba class is so fun. And tiring! And the new season started yesterday. Perfect exercise for a couch potato like me.  I just wish I am able to dance a little after, ha ha.
6. No rice for 4 days and counting.
7. Buko Shake-my new addiction.
8. Lunch treat from my Ate. No rice. Ha ha.
9. My friend Vangie for being able to report back for work after her surgery.
10. Cathy and Blanda, for the peanut butter!  I miss these girls :)

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On my way to work yesterday morning, riding at the back of my husband on our motorcycle, I pulled out my Blackberry and started taking pictures.  From our house, the first picture is just several houses away.
This was taken at our Barangay Hall.
 This on the street where we turned to Araneta.
And this on the first intersection before reaching SM Sta Mesa.
After this, I put my BB back on my bag.  It was not even a 5-minute ride and the street was already littered with the names of our "esteemed" public servants.  I just wish that they are not putting their names on the projects that are funded my by own own money from the taxes that I am paying!

Acadian Flooring America

Sep 8, 2012

I was just checking floor ideas the other as I feel that our home is due for a makeover when I saw carpets, hardwood, tiles, vinyl and lots more flooring ideas at Acadian Flooring America! I would love to have tiled floors because they are so easy to maintain and we have flexibility on the designs. The only problem is it will take a longer time to be installed.  Carpets are a great idea too, but what about my allergies?  I probably wont be able to breathe.  And I don't have  vacuum at home so cleaning it will be expensive.  I would really rather have hardwood, but since flood water recently breached our home, this is not an option for this house anymore.  So I guess, it would really have to be tiles, and the only question is when we will have it installed.  I guess it has to be done during a long vacation so that we can supervise or leave the installers in peace, ha ha.  So anyway, I will check more tile designs at Acadian Flooring America before I contact the installers.  For more information and flooring ideas, you can also check out Acadian Flooring America and be overwhelmed and inspired like me!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 6, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone! This is obviously a late post, but its better late, than later :)

Happiness is:
1. My husband just took his regularization exams! Interview na lang, woooooohooooo!
2. Will be going to Boracay in October, thanks to2-free round trip tickets from Cebu Pacific! (Okay, papa-ticket pa lang)
3. Lots of work to do, but learning a lot too.
4. Magic Mike, Expendables and Amazing Spiderman.
5. My new haircut and newly dyed hair. I feel new!
6. My kids for being always a source of joy.
7. My eldest son is now officially a teenager. Hay.
8. My mom, for cooking such delicious dishes ( that does not help with my diet).
9. Razon's Halo-halo.
10. St Francis Square, he he.

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How I Want My September

Sep 3, 2012

Last Saturday was the start of the longest Christmas celebration in the world! Its officially Christmas in the Philippines once the ber-months are here.  And here is a list of what I want for this month:

1. Be able to pay-off those loans before the bonuses come in so that my family and I can have a better and more prosperous next year.
2. Plan that Boracay trip with my husband as my free tickets are due to expire if not issued this month.  When should we go? Hmm.
3. Lose ten pounds. I wish, ha ha.
4. Finish at least 3 chapters of the Financial Management book I am currently studying.
5. Go swimming with the kids as this is long overdue.
6. Sleep overnight at our Montalban house if my husband's schedule will permit.
7. For my husband, to be regularized at work. Yey, keeping fingers crossed!
8. Start running. Must. really.start.running.
9. Read and finish one book. I miss this.
10. Learn a new thing at work. I need this for my sanity!

I wish September will be kinder to me so that I can have a better ending to this year! Merry Christmas already, everyone!

So What is "Oppa Gangnam Style"?

Sep 2, 2012

Been seeing "Gangnam Style" or gangnam on my twitter feed the whole of last week and finally just remembered to ask my eldest son about it and he showed me this video:

It's very dance-able and fun to watch! Go K-Pop!


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