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Sep 8, 2012

I was just checking floor ideas the other as I feel that our home is due for a makeover when I saw carpets, hardwood, tiles, vinyl and lots more flooring ideas at Acadian Flooring America! I would love to have tiled floors because they are so easy to maintain and we have flexibility on the designs. The only problem is it will take a longer time to be installed.  Carpets are a great idea too, but what about my allergies?  I probably wont be able to breathe.  And I don't have  vacuum at home so cleaning it will be expensive.  I would really rather have hardwood, but since flood water recently breached our home, this is not an option for this house anymore.  So I guess, it would really have to be tiles, and the only question is when we will have it installed.  I guess it has to be done during a long vacation so that we can supervise or leave the installers in peace, ha ha.  So anyway, I will check more tile designs at Acadian Flooring America before I contact the installers.  For more information and flooring ideas, you can also check out Acadian Flooring America and be overwhelmed and inspired like me!

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