How I Want My September

Sep 3, 2012

Last Saturday was the start of the longest Christmas celebration in the world! Its officially Christmas in the Philippines once the ber-months are here.  And here is a list of what I want for this month:

1. Be able to pay-off those loans before the bonuses come in so that my family and I can have a better and more prosperous next year.
2. Plan that Boracay trip with my husband as my free tickets are due to expire if not issued this month.  When should we go? Hmm.
3. Lose ten pounds. I wish, ha ha.
4. Finish at least 3 chapters of the Financial Management book I am currently studying.
5. Go swimming with the kids as this is long overdue.
6. Sleep overnight at our Montalban house if my husband's schedule will permit.
7. For my husband, to be regularized at work. Yey, keeping fingers crossed!
8. Start running. Must. really.start.running.
9. Read and finish one book. I miss this.
10. Learn a new thing at work. I need this for my sanity!

I wish September will be kinder to me so that I can have a better ending to this year! Merry Christmas already, everyone!

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  • Nortehanon
    September 04, 2012  

    Wow, ang aga ng wishlist mo, Dinah hehehe. Pero, tama ka, you have to act on them kasi ikaw naman talaga gagawa ng mga iyan at hindi si Santa ;)

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