We Travel To Eat!

Sep 29, 2012

On our first night at Fort Ilocandia Resort, we had a meal prepared for the 17 of us in the group.  Since our planning session will officially start after the meal, my boss made sure that it was good and satisfying.  While the meal was very good, not all the food here tasted as good as they looked.  This seafood dish in cream sauce was okay. 
This meat dish, which I can't remember the name, was the best dish of the night. The cream sauce was also perfect!
This pasta was so awful, ha ha.
This potato dish was also one of the best dish ever!
This soup was okay after we put lots of salt and pepper.
This veggie dish was also better in pictures than in taste.  Did you notice that almost all the dishes were cream based? Maybe thats the reason why we didnt like some of them.  We were overwhelmed by the creaminess!
This beef dish tasted good but the meat was not that tender. But we loved the potato!
This was  a fish dish of some sort and it was okay too. It was cold cuts and perfect with rice, ha ha.
Dessert was a lonely affair because this cake didn't taste as good as it looked.  We only finished two slices of the whole 2 cakes and we had to give it away the following day to a police station where we asked for directions.
This humble gelatin with pineapple saved the evening for us because it was good! Just the right sweetness and consistency!

Dont worry, the first night's meal maybe a disappointment but the second night's selection was far better! Wait for it and be hungry!

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  • Unknown
    October 01, 2012  

    I just came back from Ilocandia, the foods there are delish and the views are really amazing! :)

    Looking forward on your next post :)


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