Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 20, 2012

Work is indeed getting in the way of my blogging so I am counting down Wednesday happiness on a Thursday. Anyway, happiness is:

1. Last Friday's get-together with friends, thanks to Vangie's birthday treat and with Mel commuting from Pasay to come to Ortigas and Karen calling all the way from abroad.  It was fun and i really miss these girls!
2. Getting through that lunch without rice, ha ha but eating one whole slice of super yummy cheesecake.
3. Danniel is Top 1 in his year level, grade 4 and Ishi is Top 6 in Grade 2.
4. That super fun date with Ishi at Robinsons Magnolia last Sunday.
5. Drexelle is finally learning to review his siblings, a job that he will do full time next year when his Tita starts to work and graduate from college.
6. Noel had his interview for probationary position at work! Yehey!
7. The Boracay ticket has been finally issued, and am so excited for the trip.
8, New sets of tickets bought, this time to CDO in January, with BFF's Ehms and Rona (with Rodney) and yours truly (with Noel). Hope we can add one more person to that trip, ha ha. Calling Ehms!!!
9. New learnings at work! Stressful but fulfilling!
10. Losing 2.5 lbs with no exercise.

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