Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 26, 2012

Happy Wednesday! Happiness is:
1. Trying, and somehow succeeding in doing a financial model (fingers-crossed).
2. Zumba!
3. My successful no-rice diet.
4. KFC brownies, Aryysa and Jana.  They keep me sane!
5. Saying no to chips, sweets and popcorn. And ice cream too.
6. Good news at my husband's work.
7. My kids for their goodnight hugs and kisses!
8. My husband for his crazy, sweets text messages!
9. My sane friends, Ehms and Rona!  These guys are my anchor too.  As long as they are just a text away, I am good.
10. Getting chat messages, text messages and phone calls from friends Karen, Mel, Blanda, Cathy, Mayeth and Vangie! They help me get through the day!

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