Family Time!

Oct 7, 2012

I love Sundays! They are time spent well with the family, in malls or parks, or even just at home.  I actually love it when we are just at home, lying around, playing with our cellphones or just watching TV. There is not much fanfare, but the fact that we are together makes it all fun, simple and enjoyable.  After a good Sunday lunch, we just stay together, swapping stories or even doing our own things, but together.  Of course, its a good thing that we have a beautiful home, however small.  My kids love lying on the floor, so I m thinking of getting a good carpet.  My friend told me to shop sales on carpeting in Lakewood and I will do just that! My friend Rona has a beautiful rug on her living room and I want something like that for my home too.  I want something that is not too hard to clean so that it will be alright to lie on it.  I cant wait to surprise my family with a new carpet one Sunday and have fun and create new memories!  I am sure that our home will be a better place for everybody in my family!

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