My Top 10 Philippine Travel Destination

Oct 25, 2012

Inspired by James, I am writing my own Top 10 Philippine Travel Destination of the few places that I have visited. Okay, so this is not a top 10, just a top 7. Here goes, in no particular order, since I haven't traveled enough(yet!) to make the distinction:

1. Mt. Pinatubo- A death-defying trip! The beauty of the volcano crater really makes you feel that a higher being is in control.  How such a thing of beauty could come out from something so destructive was indeed worth seein.  Of course, that was before we had a death-defying walk back to camp after that sudden and heavy downpour.  Think flashflooods and landslides.  But still worth it, just make sure it wont rain!
2. Boracay-First time was in 2007, our first travel with the BFF's and the start of our traveling itch, then in 2008 for a company-sponsored planning, then in 2010 with the while family and then in 2011 as a side trip when we attended a wedding in Aklan and again this month, just me and the hubby! Yes!
3. Bohol- Most memorable travel because it was a first of a lot of firsts: first plane ride for the kids and first time to travel as a family and made wonderful memories in Dec 2008! Then again in June 2009, me and my husband's first travel as a couple and then again in 2010 for a company-planning.
4. Coron, Palawan-If I were to choose the best, most beautiful place in the Philippines, it would have to be Coron. Super beautiful beaches and lakes, and super cheap food and accommodations   If only I could go back there with my family, then this would be my Top 1 destination.
5. Puerto Princesa, Palawan- Another travel for hubby and me. Super loved it and saw the Underground River.
6. Cebu-Another trip for the family. Wonderful, wonderful place and memories!
7. Ilocos Norte-A company-sponsored trip, but still so fun seeing those beautiful and historic sites!

Maybe I will update this list once I've traveled again!

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