We Travel to Eat, Part 2!

Oct 8, 2012

Part one of the We Travel to Eat post was our meal at the first night of our stay at Fort Ilocandia.  While the food at the first night was mostly miss, the second night was a great improvement! Most of the dishes on the first night were cream-based and after a while, you just cant stand them, no matter how good they were.  This second night, the dishes were varied and really good! This apple salad appetizer was really good!

This roasted chicken with lemon slices was really very good.  The chicken was tender and cooked just right!
This chopsuey, veggie dish was a welcome sight!  The sweetness was just right, and the veggies cooked to prefection.
This fish dish was my favorite of the evening.  I think I ate most of it, ha ha!
This pasta was not a hit.  We left most of it untouched.
This smoked fish was another big hit.  It was really, really good and we wanted to ask for more!
The soup was fine.  Ha ha, not much of a description because it was not memorable.
This spareribs dish was also yummy! We really had a fun dinner!
And the fruits as dessert was perfect to cap off a enjoyable dinner and to wash off our palates of the taste from the food.
And there was cake too, and this time, it tasted as good as it looked!

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