Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Oct 24, 2012

Happiness is counting your blessings and finding out you have a lot to be thankful for!  Happiness is:

1. That wonderful trip to Boracay with my husband.  After almost 15 years of marriage, we can still travel together and have lots of fun!  While it was my 5th time to go to Boracay, but the first time with just me and my husband, each of these visits have their own sets of wonderful memories that I will cherish forever!
2. Ishi is better after that 4-day sickness that almost made me cancel our trip. Thank God it was just a viral infection. The night before our trip, I brought her to the hospital's ER because her fever shoot up to 39.4 while the whole day she was fine.  Talk about scary!
3. Kris and Inay for all their help while I was away and for the constant reply to my text queries on how the kids were doing.
4. Dinuguan, chicken inasal, sinigang, spam, cup noodles, isaw, barbecue, buco shake, nagaraya, tanduay ice, cali, julie's bakeshop, ice buko salad and a lot more! It was a Boracay eat-a lot!
5. This 4-day work week and the next 3-day work week! I still need my rest.
6. Paying off some loans and heaving a sigh of relief that they are almost over! Yey!
7. The forthcoming trip to Cambodia! Super, super excited!
8. Vitamin C, Dalandan and anything else to keep the virus away.
9. Vangie for helping me, again, with my trip.  Ha ha, thanks Vangie!
10.  The office, for not missing me that much and letting me have my vacation in peace.  But it was a different thing when I got back so no blogging since Saturday because of work.

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