What To Do With Your Christmas Bonus

Oct 5, 2012

This early, some people are already planning what to do with their Christmas Bonus.  Most of them are thinking of getting the new gadgets: Iphones, new laptops, Ipads and the likes.  But these things are disposable and will have to be replaced in a few months, once the new models or the newest craze arrive.  My suggestion is to put your bonus initially in a savings account.  Then, assess your finances.  Pay off your debts and settle  any accountability.  Then, save the money for investment.  Some people with think of investing in stocks or bonds, or putting the money in time deposits, and it is okay, as long as you study the process and your choices.  Others will use it to put up a business or a sideline that will earn them more money.  And I know some people who will use the money to save up for the house of their dream, like me!  But of course, our hard-earned money must be protected from scam and easy, get-rich schemes! For  housing investment, I would choose an expert to assist me.  If I decide to check out real estate franchise, I would of course ask the experts in the industry. So think very hard what you will do with your Christmas bonus!

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