10 Reasons Why Love Danniel!

Nov 24, 2012

My son Danniel is celebrating his 10th birthday today and while a mother never runs out of reasons to love her kids, here are just 10 of the reasons why my son is special to me:

1. It was love at first sight!  Who can resist his charm?  
2. He is the nicest baby we ever had.  He doesn't cry much and always has a ready smile.
3. He is very easy to please. Just put him in water and he is good! He loves swimming!
4. He is quiet and sweet and is thoughtful. He is a great Kuya to Ishi.
5. He is a consistent honor student.  No need to tell him to study his lessons as he will do it on his own.
6. There are times when he is afraid to try somethings, but when he makes up his mind to do something, he will always give his best.
7. He is responsible at such a young age.
8. Do i need more reasons? I just love him!
9. And I am oh so proud of him! And I pray that he will be successful in his life!
10.  And now that he is 10, he is still a baby.  In just a few years, he will be a teen, but for now, he will always be my little Danniel!
Happy Birthday, Anak! My only wish is that you become a good person and everything else that is good in life will follow.  I love you!

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