Bel-Air Residences Lipa, Batangas: A House, A Home and A Lot More

Nov 19, 2012

Aside from the good health and well-being of my family, I only have one other fervent prayer to God every night, and that is to have my dream home for my family.  We are currently renting a cramped space in Sta Mesa Manila, in a house where my husband grew up, and for a family of seven, cramped is not even close to describe how tiny our house is.  Just imagine this: if  you fall down  in the living room, you will get up in the kitchen! Why not move? Well, my husband was born here, the rent is very minimal and it is close to everything: school, church, malls and work.  But it gets flooded during heavy rains too!  We are currently paying for a row house in Montalban, Rizal but after Typhoon Ondoy (flood reached the roof of the house) and the recent Habagat (knee-deep flood inside the house), we know we will never live in that house ever. The house is nice since we already spent money to build it, but the location is such that when it rains, you won't get any sleep in fear of flooding! So the next option, now that my kids are getting big, is to find that dream house, God-willing.

By now, I have already described what my dream home is: big enough for a big family like mine(me and my husband, my 3 kids, my mom and sister), close to school(college and elementary), work(my husband works in Pasay City), church(a place to worship), hospitals(for my mom) and leisure(who can stay away from beaches?), and safe from flooding(unlike Montalban) and crimes, and some where we can have activities that will make us enjoy being a family (think outdoor fun). It must be a good place to retire too, when the kids grow up and leave the family home and where I can imagine me and my husband growing old in peaceful retirement.  

So when I saw Bel-Air Residence in Lipa, Batangas,  I know that this is "The One" and let me tell you why:

1. Bel-Air Residences Lipa can be found in one of the best cities in the country.

It is located in Lipa, Batangas and easily accessible via the SLEX and Star Tollway.  And since I was born in Batangas, it feels like I'm just coming home! And my husband works in Pasay City and this is actually an easier commute than going home to Montalban, Rizal.

2. Your choices of house units range from townhouses to two-storey units with floor areas as big as 88 to 165 sq. meters, all designed under the concept of  “Modern Zen” architecture.

This is perfection! A 3-bedroom house (one for us, another for the kids, and the other for my mom and sister!) will suit us perfectly! It's made us for us, really!

3.Owners will enjoy amenities like their own basketball court, a jogging path, a playground for kids, barbeque area, multiple parks, a pool, a lanai, a gazebo and a Club House.
Do I even have to say how much I am going to enjoy this? No need to go out of the village for the much need exercise and play!

4. Bel-Air Residences Lipa is near schools such as Ateneo School of Business, De La Salle University Lipa and many more. 
My eldest is now in third year high school and one of a mom's greatest fear is for her son to come to harm in the modern jungle also known as "Recto" for his college education.  If I can find those same reputable schools in some safer place like Lipa, I would definitely sleep better at night.

5. Aside from being close to established hospitals like Lipa Medix Medical Center  and Metro Lipa Medical Center, the village is walking distance from major malls such as SM Lipa, Fiesta Mall, South Supermarket etc. Other leisure places like the Mt. Malarayat Golf Course, The Farm at San Benito and famous Batangas dive sites are minutes away also.

If I can have all my city comforts at a place where I have lesser worries, I wouldn't even have second thoughts about moving to Bel-Air Residences in Lipa, Batangas.

There is really no place like home, and indeed Bel-Air Residences in Lipa, Batangas is the home I am dreaming of  even before I saw it! It has everything that my family will ever need, and everything that a mom's heart would ever pray for in a dream home!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Bel-Air Residences for this awesome contest, and I hope to win that trip for 2 to Boracay! Good luck to us!

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