Boracay, I Keep Coming Back to Boracay!

Nov 6, 2012

Last October 18, my husband and I went to Boracay.  It was my 5th time to see the island, and my husband's 2nd time.  But  every visit, I still find the island so beautiful and captivating!  It was actually a celebration of sorts for us: a belated birthday and regularization celebration for my husband and our advanced 15th wedding anniversary, and just a celebration for being together all these years!
While there are lots of activities in Boracay, for me, there are basically just three things to do: walk, eat and swim.  While you walk, you get to see the sights.  Like when we walked from station to station after a heavy dinner, we saw fire dancers performing at the beach!  There are lots of food choices In Boracay, ranging from Andoks to Mang Inasal to Mongolian and lots and lots of buffet! There are also food carts in every corner, selling buko, fruit shakes, barbecue, corn, ice candy, gelato, coffee, muffins and anything and everything that you may think you want to eat!
But of course, you go to Boracay really for its beautiful, beautiful beach.  And despite it being my 5th time in Boracay, the scenery always takes my breath away!  Its so beautiful: the pristine white beach, the blue skies and the clear waters.  Everything is just so perfect!
Its really wonderful to come back to Boracay! That is Willy's Rock, and the tides are low, makes walking at the beach such a great time to spend an afternoon!
And dont forget to take a dip.  The water is cool and why worry about getting dark?  You have all the time to go back to your white complexion after getting tanned and burned :)
And of course, sunset in Boracay is a wonderful sight and a perfect way to start an evening of drinking and partying!
Or you can just spend a quiet day walking hand in hand at the beach with the one you love, till you reach the farthest end of the beach!
In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, you can walk at the other side of the beach and just do what feels like fun, like jump shots maybe?
Or just stroll to the shops and buy something to bring home to friends and families and something to remember the great memories in Boracay!
And while it was difficult to say goodbye to a memorable vacation, just take a shot of this sight and embed it in your memories! And know that you will be coming to Boracay once more, soon!
It was a special time for me and my husband, making us closer to each other, and cherishing the memories that we had.  We hope to come back to BORACAY once more :)

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