Ilocos Souvenir and Pasalubong Items

Nov 3, 2012

When we go to any place, we are always on the look out for something to bring home to our friends or family that were not able to come with us on the trip, or for us, to enjoy and remind us of our trip.  Pasalubong or souvenir items are always part of any travel expense.  In Ilocos, there are lots of souvenir items to choose from:  the famous Bagnet (sorry, no photo here) is one, as well as the Ilocos Longanisa.
 Other local produce such as the Basi or an alcoholic drink made from sugarcane can also be brought home.
 I personally love these empanada, but they are best consumed piping hot!
 But the sukang iloko is a pasalubong item that can be enjoyed for a long time!
 And of course, souvenir items such as T-shirts are always a favorite.  This is one shirt I regret not buying in Bangui Windmills, thinking there would be something like this in Vigan!  The shirt says it all!
 There are necklaces, bracelets and other trinkets to choose from, as well as wood carvings and other wood products.
 Bags, purses, fans and a lot more can be found here too!
 Of course, ref magnets! I collect them and always make sure to have one from any place that I visit.
 And more shirts of course!
 And this cute windmills replica.
Make sure you have enough money to bring home something with you!

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