My Boracay Expenses

Nov 8, 2012

We went to Boracay last October 2012, and like my previous visits, I love it there!   But of course, to fully enjoy the place, you have to plan your expenses and budget your money.  So this post is all about the expenses we had during our latest visit, just so you have an idea how much this trip could cost you.  
Our ticket was free, thanks to Cebu Pacific so I only had to pay for the terminal fee and something else and it was only around P420.00.  If you are budget travellers like us, you will always be on the look out for Piso fare sales and the likes to minimize your costs.  My husband was asking why I choose to book a Kalibo flight instead of Caticlan and I told him that only Caticlan flights get cancelled and since it was rainy season, I didnt want to take any chance. Below is a list of expenses we had upon landing in Kalibo:

Van fare from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port: P250 each including boat fare (when we got to the jetty port, the driver handed us back the P50!). Boat fare is P25 each, unless you take the Montenegro Fast Craft (which we did, kasi katabi ng window ng environmental fee) forP30 each. And they leave a little later than the other boats because its airconditioned,  with a TV, and waiting for more passengers.  You also have to pay the environmental fee of P75 each and terminal fee of P100 each.  When you reach Boracay, you still have to ride a tricycle if yiou dont have transfers with your hotel.  Special trips costs P100-P150 but regular fare (where you wait for other commuters) costs P20 each.

We stayed at Madid's Inn(Archie-09159117780) and the rate was P1000 per night.  It is in Station 2, and just a few steps from the beach.  It is right beside Taj Guesthouse and Villa Simprosa. He had somebody fetch us from the convenience store in D'Mall.  The room was okay and adequate for us. We had a family room on the first night and transferred to a smaller room on the next day.  There are lots of accommodations in Boracay ranging from high end hotels to resorts to inns and even dorms, depending on your budget.

As for food, there are also lots of choices, from buffet to Mang Inasal and Andoks to barbecue stalls on the side.  Its really up to you and your preferences.

As for activities such as boating, parasailing, reef walking, jetski, fly fishing and a lot more, there are lots to choose from to.  Since it was only me and my husband, we did not try any of those activities and instead just walk, swim and eat. For bar and drinking, we opted instead to just buy from the convenience store and drink while walking or while watching TV in our room.  You can also stop and listen to bands while walking on the beach, and its free!
Going home after two wonderful days, make sure to leave enough money for souvenir items.  They range from P10 for bracelets and anklets to P35 each for ref magnets, P75 each for shirts and a lot, lot more!

Going out of the island, be prepared to pay P20 again for the tricycle to the jetty port, then P25 again for the boat ride and P100 again for the terminal fee.  Van ride from jetty port to the airport is P175 each while P100 only if to Kalibo.

Hope that the detailed expenses I wrote here can prepare you and your budget in visiting Boracay.  Of course,  your expenses will always depend on how much you are willing to spend (except for the government fees and fares) and with whom you are going to Boracay with.  In any case, just always have fun and let nothing spoil a wondeful trip!

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  • Kit @ Resorts In Boracay
    July 05, 2013  

    Thanks for sharing your itinerary and expenses. It is actually not what people are expecting in Boracay. Most people think of Boracay as a very expensive place to travel to, but it's actually not! :)

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