My Flawless Beauty Transformation

Nov 29, 2012

This is me. All 138 lbs on a 5'2'' frame, and based on any BMI calculator that I can find, I am OVERWEIGHT. If  the emphasis is not enough, well, I have bulges where bulges have no place and my skin  sags where they have no business sagging! And lest you say I let it happen to me, let  it be known that I do Zumba, I run (did 3k and 10k and you can sometime see me running along Araneta Ave or at QC circle on weekends) and I cut down on my food intake (no rice, baby).  I do Hiphop Abs at home, I buff the floor, walk to the market and use the stairs! I also religiously participate in our fire drill (since I am fire marshall) and go down the fire exit from the 42 floor of our building! Thankfully, they allow us to use the elevator to go back up, ha ha ha. So, I live an active lifestyle and I eat sensibly. But how did it came to this, you ask? 

Well, I have three wonderful kids aged 15, 10 and 8 and I am only 35. The body undergo changes from whence we are young to become teenagers and young adults, and to one who has reared children, and that's times three for me.  So naturally, I have excess fat and stretch marks and no amount of diet and exercise can help me get rid of what nature and pregnancy did to my body. And that's where my flawless beauty transformation comes in!

"In celebration of its 11th birthday, Flawless is inviting everyone to take advantage of its 1 + 1 beauty blowout this National Flawless Month. If this isn’t the best time to boost or jumpstart your top to toe beauty transformation, then I don’t know what is. Go to or visit a clinic near you for more information."

And this is my most WANTED service: NANO RF A fantastic alternative to invasive liposuction, Nano RF services contour and lift the skin with almost no downtime—making RF the perfect solution to instantaneous slimming. By heating up the specific area, collagen is stimulated, which provides immediate contouring effect; tightening and lifting the treated area. Flawless provides Nano RF services for virtually any part of the body and face.

This will be perfect time for me to get rid of the bulges and sagging skin, thanks to Flawless! Then the battle of the bulge can finally end and I can be one "Hot Momma" already! 

Go ahead and visit their website now to know more about their promos! We can all have that Flawless Beauty Transformation right now!

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