The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Screening at Resorts World

Nov 16, 2012

I super enjoyed the screening of The Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night for many reasons.  One, tickets were free, thanks to Nuffnang and Wacoal. Two, I was with my BFF's Rona and Ehms and my sister Kris.Three, it was our first time to go to Resorts World where my husband and Ehms' husband work and four, because I enjoyed the Twilight books.
The movie: it was awesome.  I think this is the only time that I would say this but the movie's twist was better that how it was in the book!  I loved the movie more than the book.  And I have never, ever said that before.  I actually want to see it again!  The cinema was filled with reactions from the crowd as the movie unfolds.  It was an awesome movie! But Bella still can't act and Jacob's still sent the ladies drooling.  We had free popcorn and drinks too, thanks again to this wonderful Nuffnang hosted event.  Oh, and Ehms even won in the raffle before the movie where she gets a gift certificate for one set of Sorci Age product. But they cant say her name correctly, right Mirdinin? He he.
After the movie, we went inside the casino to apply for membership at Resorts World.  My sister was only 20 years old so she was not allowed inside.  She applied for her membership at the mall while we roamed inside the casino.  We all won a key chain at the spin it thingie.  We had no time to try the slot machine because my sister was waiting outside.
(Kunyari sa Macau ha!) One photo inside the mall after the movie and before heading home!
Oh, and we also had a blast taking our pictures at the cinema, posing and just having fun! When you are with friends, everything can indeed be hilarious!
We met with my husband who was on duty and then we took the Newport shuttle to San Juan.  Bye for now Resorts World, but we will be back soon, and maybe try our luck at the casino!
Thanks again Nuffnang and Wacoal/Sorci Age!

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