Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Nov 7, 2012

Wednesday is happiness!  Happiness is:
1. Calamansi muffin. Super sarap! Thanks Atty P!
2. Going to Batangas and seeing my paternal lola after a year.  She is such a strong woman.
3. Visiting my one and only Ninang.  Hope she stays healthy.
4. Seeing my cousins, titos and titas after a year.  I really should go home and visit them more often.
5.  Visiting my dad's grave, and my lolo too, and saying prayers for them.
6. Suman dapa at latik from my sister's mom in law.  My kids love it!
7. Caught jaywalking in Edsa-Ortigas and was given reprieve by Manong MMDA. Thanks Manong, and lesson very much learned!
8. Bonding time with my daughter Ishi while travelling to Batangas. I now have a certified ka-tropa.  Hope when she gets older, she wont think hanging out with mom is lame :)
9. My sister, her husband and his family for their warm welcome. Whenever I go home to their house, I feel such a part of their family.
10. Harvesting some kamyas and bringing them home.  To whoever owns the tree, my thanks. Hi hi hi.

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