Christmas Party # 2

Dec 11, 2012

This is the season for Christmas parties and a time when a diet is indeed a futile exercise.  This is just the first week of Christmas and we already have 2 Christmas parties, and 2 more coming, and this is just in our company.  The first one was the big party, held at a hotel and where major major production numbers are held.  I was invited to join the performance, but I declined since I cannot dance to save my life, ha ha ha! Now, second party is our departments party. Since we are only 17, our boss reserved a room at the CCA in  Podium where we had a buffet set up and below is my first plate!
 There was pasta, grilled chicken, beef teriyaki, fish and vegetable lasagna.  Apologies for the picture since it was only taken by my blackberry, but believe, the vegetable lasagna was super super good! I think I got up 3x to get more! And the highlight of the evening, aside from the hilarious Pinoy Henyo game, was the unlimited cake!
Yep, unlimited cake. Did I say unlimited cake? Ha ha, we were so full, and so happy with the Pinoy Henyo (words were Ratatouille,Avionics, Eric Clapton, Ant eater, Mary Magdalene) and only 3 pairs got the correct answer! This is my idea of a perfect Christmas party: no pressure to prepare dance but just to bring your jolly self, enjoy the food and each other's company and join in games! And the gift-giving of course! See, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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