Our 15 Years Wedding Anniversary

Dec 28, 2012

15 years ago, I married this guy who I knew I couldn't live without. He was my champion, my best friend, my lover and my partner-in-crime.  Our years together has never been perfect, but I know, that it will always be worth it.  Our celebration was simple: a testament to our life together.  We chose to spend it with the whole family. 
I woke up to this single white rose and a kiss from my husband, who just came from work.  After he has slept a bit, we went to mass and went to a mall to have lunch.  I drove, a testament to his trust, since I have not yet drove this far!  We made it in one piece, ha ha ha!
 The whole family having lunch at Chowking. A simple fare of fried chicken, pansit and chopsuey.
 After lunch, we decided to walk off the calories by walking around the mall.
 We played some arcade games, well, that's my son and my sister and my mom looking at them.
 The younger kids tried this rocking boat, which made them dizzy!
 We had some ice cream too! Then it was time to go home because my husband has work that night.
Our relationship is pretty much like how we spent that day: secure in the fact that we are together and we have food to sustain us, some play to delight us, a doze of sweetness to keep the love alive, and a little thrill (my driving) as a sign of trust! And after 15 years, I cant imagine living my life without my husband by my side!  And for this, I will always be thankful for the wonderful blessing that is our marriage and our family!

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