Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Dec 5, 2012

Happy Wednesday! Its 20 days before Christmas!  Happiness is:
1. The 13th month pay and paying off debts. What a way to start the new year!
2. The 3-day weekend last week.
3. Divisoria shopping with Drexelle. Thats one kid off the list.
4. My newly rebonded hair! And it was so cheap too.
5. My new P125 bag. Ha ha, ang kuripot ko.
6. Christmas parties and getting my first Christmas gift.
7. Siopao and siomai from Henlin.
8.Not buying any vouchers lately and hoping to be able to control self more.
9. Body massage for my husband and McDo dinner while waiting with Ishi.
10. Driving! Hope I can do this alone soon :)

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