Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Dec 19, 2012

Happiness is:
1. Christmas parties x 100! Ha ha ha! I am so fat already!
2. The small electric fan I won from the raffle.  My one and only win in history ever. I am too malas at raffles, ha ha.
3. Going to Divisoria with my daughter and her finding it exciting even if it was so masikip and all. Anak ko talaga!
4.Finishing Nicholas Flamel's The Secrets of the Immortal series on my C3. He he, soon sa Kindle na talaga, pramis. And now you know why I havent been blogging, because I was busy reading!
5. Divergent and now Insurgent! Cant seem to stop reading. And I wish the third book will come out sooner!
6. The kid's Christmas Party tomorrow, which means last day of school!
7. Cake, thanks to birthdays at work.
8. Huge pizza too!
9. My double chin, which means I am gaining wait which means I am enjoying good food. Next year na lang ulit yung diet!
10. Online income, yehey!

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