Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 30, 2013

Happiness is:
1. My blog has been reinstated, but still locked as of this writing. Waiting, waiting and waiting some more.  Its still a lot better than deleted though!
2. My first Mindanao trip was a super super fun experience!
3. Zipline and water rafting are now off my bucket list!
4. Vandeep pastel, lansones (even off season) and mangosteen.  Too bad I cant bring home as much as I want.
5. Our trip to Puerto Princesa in October with the kids! And Ehms and Paul and Leslie! Hope Rona can still buy her tickets come next sale!
6. My kids for missing us so much, and our home, being such a welcome sight after being away for 4 days.
7. Gym time. Running at least 6K a day.
8. Zumba
9. My sister Kris passed her thesis defense with flying colors! Yahoo!
10. For my husband, for being such a good sport and for loving me, as I am.

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My Blog Is Back!!!

Jan 29, 2013

And I am jumping for joy!!! I spent almost two weeks agonizing over this blog and I am so happy that it was reinstated finally! I have no idea what caused this to be tagged as spam, but I will get to it in the next post.  For now, I am just happy to have this blog back! Happiness!!!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone! Its midweek, and time to count our blessings.  Happiness is:

1. Zumba classes at the office started again last night. I died, ha ha ha.
2. Cashing out Google Adsense earnings. In dollars! So money for my Cambodia fund. Just four hundred dollars to go!
3. Booking our CDO hotel and adventure. Super excited!
4. My husband, for always making time to bring me from and to work. Ang sweet eh!
5. That feeling you get when you finally realize that you can drive. Now, if I can only say the same about my parking skills, he he he.
6. Our paluwagan(credit coop), for the savings that I am able to make and knowing how it works. Ang hirap pala. Now ko lang sobrang na-aappreciate yung mga dating may hawak nito. Thanks guys!
7. Ishi for learning to be so responsible with her pet hamsters. She is so caring.  I wish I can let her have a pet dog, but our house is too small for such a house pet.  Maybe someday
8. Kris and her OJT at ABS starts today! Yes, a few more months and she will be officially a journalist and closer to her dreams!
9. Inay for working so hard for my family. With my poor budgeting skills and my travels, panu pa kami kakain kung hindi kay Inay? He he he.
10. Gym. Im going back to the gym, for free!!!

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As of this writing, I am busy planning two travels: next week to Cagayan de Oro with hubby and superfriends, and next month to Cambodia with office friends.  And I am so excited, I just cant hide it! I cant even concentrate at work, and is almost always looking at blogs and their escapades.  The only thing dampening the excitement is the money factor, or the lack of it, ha ha ha.  But as I always say, memories are priceless, and money is just money (says somebody who wracks her brain every payday to make ends meet, ha ha ha!).  Actually, one of my resolutions is to save money first , then travel.  But as it always happen, sale seats strike, and I'm only human, ha ha ha.  

The trip to Cambodia will be my first ever out of the country trip, so it is an item off my bucket list.  I told myself that I will have my passport stamped before I turn 35, but I will be 36 next month so it really is a milestone.  We already tickets and hotel rooms, and I just need more money, ha ha ha.  But money will come because I prayed hard for it.  I know God will provide!

So excuse me while I map my travel calendar again for this year, as I vow to visit one new place each month!

Dollar to Peso to Dollar?!?

Jan 14, 2013

I will have my first out of the country trip (ever!) this February and this early, we have booked hotels and tickets already.  And we are saving up for pocket money. So I am pooling together my blog income and will encash some of them soon.  But I was dismayed to find out that I will lose a substantial amount from the conversion and fees alone! My bank will charge me P250, and Paypal P50 and then the exchange rate is only P39.5863!  Too bad I cant get this in dollars as Paypal payout to my bank account is only in Pesos. Hayyyyy! If I only I can just use it to buy that Kindle Fire, then I will be so happpppyyyyyy! 


Jan 10, 2013

If I were to win the lottery, I would surely have one vice: I would travel! But since I am not rich, I travel as much as my budget would allow.  I make it a point to visit one new place a year, thanks to seat sales and my traveling buddies.  For this year, I know that I will indeed go places, and here is my travel plan for the first quarter of the year, heavy emphasis on plan:

January-Cagayan de Oro with BFF's Ehms, Rona and our husbands (except Paul, although at this writing we are still hoping that he will be able to join us)! We will try to go to Camiguin and Iligan as well.
February-my first out of the country trip: Cambodia! This is with my office mates and I am fortunate to be going with well-traveled buddies on my first time!
March-I plan to do the Sagada tour with Ehms, if budget would permit.

During the summer months, I hope we can go to Subic or Zambales or maybe even Ilocos Norte. A road trip for a change.  Then sometime in the third quarter of the year, I hope and pray that my husband and I can bring our kids to Puerto Princesa. And if we are lucky for my husband and I to go to Singapore and Malaysia.

Yes, I have wanderlust: that strong desire to travel.  Don't you? :)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 9, 2013

Happy Wednesday! Today is just the third day of the second work week but I am so busy! But never too busy to count my reasons for being happy.  Happiness is:

1. Free pizza last Monda, thanks to sponsors!
2. Free lumpia, cheesecake and barbecue, thanks to more sponsors!
3. Our ongoing diet, ha ha ha, if you could believe it given the above.
4. Super busy at work, but learning a lot!
5. Still being able to find time to blog because I find it relaxing.
6. Seeing my super friends again, complete this time and feeling as though we only see each other the morning before.  No such thing as distance or time between true friends :)
7. Reading the book Fountainhead. And surprisingly finding it very good. I thought it was boring.
8. Watching The Excorcist movie with the kids last weekend. It was more scary in my head than on screen, ha ha ha.
9. Planning our Cambodia trip! Okay, they plan and I just say yes and no, ha ha ha. Too busy!
10. No groupon purchase yet, he he he.

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Friday Quotes: Happy

Jan 4, 2013

I'm Finally Driving!

One of the items in my bucket list that I was able to cross off last year was learning to drive. After we bought an automatic car last quarter of the year in 2012, I immediately renewed my license and my husband set about teaching me.  I was able to drive our manual car some years back.   But I wasn't able to drive it on my own, without another driver beside me so I cannot claim then that I am driving.  But last year was different, and while I have only driven once without a driver with me, I was able to drive the whole family to the mall and to my sister's house.  I know that I can do it already, except that I am still having trouble parking in tight spaces.  Anyway, this morning, I drive to work with my husband beside me and he didn't have any more comment! I think I am already driving! Next plan is to go somewhere North where I can try my skills at a long drive, if my family would not rather opt for bus charters, ha ha!  Okay, maybe I should set my sight a little lower, like maybe driving by myself to work!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 2, 2013

Happy Wednesday! It's the first day of work for 2013 and I am counting down reasons why I am thankful for the year that was:
1. My husband lost his job but found a new and better one, and is now under probationary contract.  He will be a regular employee by April! 
2. Our 'new' car.  We sold the lite ace and bought an automatic car, and now I am learning to drive. Yes to road trips in 2013!
3. My moms health was a lot better in 2012. That is really one great reason to be thankful for.
4. My kids are doing well, (except for that Dengue hospitalization for Drex and Ishi in January last year) and I hope their good health will persist.
5. The Boracay trip with my husband last July. It was a great chance for us to bond after all the trials we had in 2011.  We are more in love than ever, and I am looking forward to more trips this year with him and the family.
6. The promotion at work, which meant added responsibility and added pay! 
7. My friends and their great life: Ehms and her husband, Vangie and her new baby boy, Rona and her career and kids, Ate Dianne and her job and kids, and a lot more, who are always in my prayers.
8. My sister Kris, who is going to graduate this year! I pray that she have a great career in the future.  She is such a hardworking and determined young lady, and I know that she will find her place in her industry of choice. 
9. My decision to go back to school was renewed and I hope I get re-admitted again come June.
10. My first ever trip abroad this February and my trip with friends this January! More travels with friends!

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