Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 2, 2013

Happy Wednesday! It's the first day of work for 2013 and I am counting down reasons why I am thankful for the year that was:
1. My husband lost his job but found a new and better one, and is now under probationary contract.  He will be a regular employee by April! 
2. Our 'new' car.  We sold the lite ace and bought an automatic car, and now I am learning to drive. Yes to road trips in 2013!
3. My moms health was a lot better in 2012. That is really one great reason to be thankful for.
4. My kids are doing well, (except for that Dengue hospitalization for Drex and Ishi in January last year) and I hope their good health will persist.
5. The Boracay trip with my husband last July. It was a great chance for us to bond after all the trials we had in 2011.  We are more in love than ever, and I am looking forward to more trips this year with him and the family.
6. The promotion at work, which meant added responsibility and added pay! 
7. My friends and their great life: Ehms and her husband, Vangie and her new baby boy, Rona and her career and kids, Ate Dianne and her job and kids, and a lot more, who are always in my prayers.
8. My sister Kris, who is going to graduate this year! I pray that she have a great career in the future.  She is such a hardworking and determined young lady, and I know that she will find her place in her industry of choice. 
9. My decision to go back to school was renewed and I hope I get re-admitted again come June.
10. My first ever trip abroad this February and my trip with friends this January! More travels with friends!

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