If You Want to Climb Mountains

Apr 18, 2013

at the summit of Mt. Batulao

This is a must read for people like me who have recently discovered a great love for mountains! From Gideon Lasco of Pinoy Mountaineer, a site I have been reading for several days before and after our climb at Mt. Batulao.

An excerpt from the article An introduction to mountain climbing:

I tell you: it is all worth it. Whatever expenses you incur, or difficult training you undergo; hiking is very much worth it: it is not just the beauty of the views, but the challenge of the trails; the camaraderie of like-minded individuals; and the sheer tranquility of nature that will reward you. And of course, mountaineering is a sport, a social activity - relaxation and exertion - at the same time.

An introduction to hiking is never complete without a word on the environment: Please, start it right: have concern for nature. The reason why there are beautiful mountains right now is because climbers in the past have preserved it; they did not trample on its beauty. Mountaineers past have left no trace of their treks: and you should do the same. I hope that as you develop your passion for mountain climbing, you will also develop a passion for the mountains: we need you to make our voice stronger, as we fight, in our individual or collective ways, the threats our mountains face -- be it against mining, illegal logging - or even irresponsible mountain climbing. The mark of a true mountaineer is not having the passion to climb mountains, but the passion to protect them. I have to say this forcefully: Shame on you, if you leave your trash along the trails. Shame on you if you will dare vandalize the rocks or the tree trunks. Yet, you bring honor to the hiking community if you uphold the principles of responsible outdoor recreation.

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