My OFW Run 5K Experience!

Apr 2, 2013

Last March 24, we (me, Ehms, and her office mates Gie and May) ran the 5k for the historic OFW Run. Proceeds of the run benefited the Buhay OFW Foundation and we thought it was a nice way to pay homage to our real modern day heroes.  And we had fun too!
This actually just my 3rd time to run a 5K, with the Philhealth run being my first. My first ever run was at our company's running event, in 2009.  But I do go to the gym and average 6-7km daily.  But I already run a 10K event in 2011, during the Robinsons Buddy Run with my husband.
But since my friend is just starting (naks, feeling runner ako!), I have to indulge her.  But I made her promise that our next event will be a 10K at the NatGeo Run this month end. 
Still, 40.46 minutes for this event is already a  personal best. And everyday at the gym, I try to beat this time.  Hopefully, we will do a lot better on our 10k event!

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