Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Apr 24, 2013

Happiness is:
1. The PBA Fan Run last Sunday. Hooray for fitness!
2. And I drive the car by myself! Without my husband riding shotgun (well, it was my son with me) and I was able to park properly after 2 tries only!
3. Our newly installed hanging shoe cabinet. Yehey for getting rid of the clutter!
4. The garage sale that netted some cash. We were able to sell the old TV rack for P250 to our neighbor.
5. Hot compress.  Work wonders!
6. Great Taste Iced Coffee at the office.  We had some ice cubes at the ref and I didnt like the sugar free coffee hot so I made it cold and it was great!  Hurray for new discoveries!
7. Blanda's belated birthday lunch and meeting with old friends again. It was great catching up with friends.
8. Making plans for a May 1 swimming! And I might get to drive again, he he.
9. My husband, for being supportive in my activities be it running, climbing mountains or driving.  He trusts me. And that feels great.
10. The Zumba DVD from my friend that Ishi and I tried last night and hopefully every night.  It was fun dancing in front of the whole family and them making comments about my bad dancing.  But it was so fun!

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