Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

May 16, 2013

Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy! Happiness is:

1. The Mt. Maculot traverse. Wow, it was so hard, but it was worth it!
2. Staying at home on Mothers Day and being hugged and kissed by my kids.
3. My simple gift to my mom: a watch.
4. And my 2 new watches, he he.
5. The unexpected income from Paypal and to Amazon! Whooooo!
6. My ukay-ukay mountaineering shoes that didnt give up on me. More mountains to conquer, he he he.
7. My application for re-admission for my MBA has been approved! Yes!
8. Movies, movies and movies!
9. Two of my 3 kids are fnally enrolled. One to go, and then te books, and school stuff, and uniform, and a long list, ha ha. But I know God will provide.
10. My sister is finally a graduate! And is now officially unemployed.

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