Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

May 8, 2013

"Better to lose count when naming your blessings, than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles!"

 Happiness is:
1. Our weekend trip to Batangas. It was tiring, but super fun!
2. My kids first time to bathe in a river. And we saw some Tutubi too!
3. The all-you-can-eat fiesta fare! I gained 3 lbs just that weekend but it was all worth it!
4. Ishi's simple birthday celebration. Swimming!
5. And me forgetting the sunblock but bringing the off lotion instead. He he he.
6. Inihaw na mais, rediscovered!
7. My new watches. Yes, with S. He he.
8. My request for re-admission for going back to school has been approved! I just have to know what program I will have, and I will re-take the whole thing or they will credit some units. Either way, I am happy to be finally taking hold of my future.
9. New mountains to climb.
10.New scheduled runs!

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