What Would You Try If You Have No Fear?

May 2, 2013

At this very moment, I can't think of anything that I would like to do if I have no fear. I mean, I don't want to try bungee-jumping, or skydiving just for the fun of it. I see no reason why I would do that.  Not that I am scared, but I don't think I will enjoy it anyway.  The same reason why I don't like roller coaster rides.  I don't see the point of scaring myself silly just to prove a silly point. The things that are stopping me from doing the things that I would love to do are money and time. If the question was, "What would you try if you have all the time and money", then that would be one long list. So, does this mean that I have no fears? Of course I do. I just don't like doing things that will put my life in danger. That would be irresponsible, being a mother and all.

Now climbing mountains may be dangerous and some may say that there is no reason why you should climb one, but I say, why not.  I love the feeling of pushing myself to the limit, and being rewarded by the view of God's wondrous creations.  Now, that is what I call an adventure!

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