3D/2N Davao Itinerary

Jun 27, 2013

We were in Davao last week for a quick a 3D/2N adventure and we had a blast. We bought our tickets from the Piso Sale of Tiger Airways before they started charging fuel surcharge so a ticket for six only costs us P3,106 or only P517 per pax!  Anyway, here was our sample itinerary during our trip:
Day 1: 
Depart Manila 11am arrive Davao 12nn
Meet hired van at airport (P3,700 for 10 hours for 10 pax)
Drive thru at McDonalds for lunch
Arrive at Eden Nature Park (P200 for day tour with plated snacks)
Arrive at Philippine Eagle Center (P5 entrance at water station, P50 at Eagle center)
Arrive at Jack's Ridge for dinner
Arrive at Enrico's Apartelle (P2,970 for 6 pax, addtl 200 extra pax) around 9pm

Day 2:
Depart from Enrico's at 8am c/o hired van (P3,700 for 10 hours)
Arrive at Sasa Wharf for barge ride to Samal Island (P270 for the van, P10 per pax for excess of 2)
Arrive at Monfort Bat Cave (P100 entrance fee)
Arrive at Hagimit Falls (P50 entrance fee, P150 table rental)
Lunch at local carinderia (not time for Paluto, but the food was GREAT! and Cheap!)
Arrive at Maxima AquaFun (P200 entrance)
Depart from Maxima at 430pm and arrive at wharf for transfer to Davao (P270 for van, P10 per pax for excess of 2)
Arrive at Enrico's and go to downtown for dinner via taxi (P80 from hotel to Yellow Fin)
Back to Hotel

Day 3:
Pick up from Enrico's at 7am via Jeep (P1,400)
Arrive at Layak Paanod shop in Layak for gears (P450 per pax incl photos)
Arrive Talomo river for Water Tubing or Paanod
Depart from Talomo and back to Layak for shower and photo
Depart from Layak at 1230 and arrive at Enrico's at 115pm for check out.
Leave stuff at Enrico's and depart for Blue Carabao in downtown for lunch.
After lunch, go to Magsaysay Fruit Stand, Aldevinco, People's Park (just walk from one place to the other)
At 5pm, depart for hotel via Jeepney bound to Ma-a and visit NCCC mall
Dinner buffet for P138 per pax!!! (with discount for one for group of 6)
Get a taxi at NCCC mall, pick up stuff at Enrico's and head for the airport at 6pm.
Check in at 630 for an 8pm flight
Say goodbye to Davao and promise to come back again.

I will update this post with a post on each place we visited.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 26, 2013

Happiness is a choice and I choose to count my blessings! Happiness is:

1. The Davao trip with the Superfriends and new-found friends was Awesome!
2. Experiencing Paanod or water tubing.  It was an extreme sport all right and I have the cuts and bruises to prove it!
3. Eating, or rather drinking Durian. Had it as a shake and ice cream.
4. Seeing the Philippine Eagles up close.
5. Sliding down a giant tarpaulin and dropping at the salty ocean!
6. Eating Pochero with Carabao meat at Blue Carabao diner.
7. Seeing millions of fruit bats at Monfort Bat Cave. It was indeed a sight to behold!
8. My Inay and my sister Kris, for looking after my kids while I was away.
9. The great food adventure in Davao.
10. My first MBA class.

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I Fell In Love With Davao!

Jun 25, 2013

When I travel, I have few requirements: must be traveling with a fun group, must stay in an affordable but great place, must do activities that are offered in that place, must see the sights, and must eat great food.  All of these were met, and more, when we went to Davao! And I fell in love with it!
I was of course with my Superfriends: me and my husband, Ehms and Paul, Rona and Rodney and new found friends,Teng and Star, and Leyn and Sam. They were a fun bunch, and as adventurous as I am.

They were game in trying out places to eat, activities to do, and seeing the great places in Davao! With all of these to offer, Davao was indeed one of the great places we've been so far.
And I will come back again for sure! Dabaw Inyo Ni!

I Won P2,500 GC's from Native Shoes!

Jun 24, 2013

Look what I got from my email today! I won P2,500 GC's from Native Shoes! My week is made! Thanks Native Shoes and Nuffnang for this awesome gift! Their contest was awesome by the way.  They just made you write what is your Dream Summer Trip, which was so easy to do because I really traveling, and voila, I won! Anyway, this is really awesome! Wait for my next post on what I am getting for my GC's because I am shopping right now at their website, hahaha!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 19, 2013

Happiness is:
1. Our Davao trip tomorrow with the Superfriends!
2. Blogging moolah for my trip.
3. Work has been a little lighter this week compared to last week, perfect timing for my vacation.
4. My mom for still making my coffee and baon to work. Sweet.
5. My eldest for reading! He is into Greek mythology right now and asked me to download some books into the Kindle! Yey.
6. The book Wonder by RJ Palacios. A very, very good read.
7. Chocolates.
8. My sister for she now has a government-issued ID, hahaha.
9. Ambers palabok and pichi-pichi. Yummy!
10. My husband is almost well enough for our trip, yey!

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Schick and Nuffnang's Man of Steel Movie Screening

Jun 17, 2013

Thanks to Schick and Nuffnang,  I was again able to watch the screening of Man of Steel. This time at Shangri-La, I was with my son, Drexelle. After registration, we were given food stubs for free drinks and popcorn! Yehey, I saved a lot, hahaha.
A selfie with my son while lining up for the popcorn.  Anyway, I don't need to tell you that I enjoyed the movie and my son, who was a certifiable fan of action movies,  liked it better than FF6 and Iron Man! What a surprise!  I was just there to ogle Henry Cavill's good looks! 
And after the movie screening, Schick gave us this loot bag with lots of razors and shaving cream(no photo as it was past midnight when we got home)! Yey!  Thanks Schick and Nuffnang!

Man of Steel Surprise Movie Screening by Wacoal

Jun 13, 2013

Remember the blog post I made for Wacoal's Wear It Your Way contest? Well, I won!  So last night, I was off to Resorts World with my sister.  It was so convenient for us because we are members, so we took the free shuttle in Banawe to RW. Then because we were there very early, we went to the to try and change my sister's Junior membership card but was unsuccessful because she was asked to show a government ID, which she doesn't have yet. So we went to the activity area, and lo and behold, Ely Buendia was scheduled to perform! And his front act was the world-renowned, and my Alma mater's very own, PUP Banda Kawayan! We were also given small flags, since it was an Independence day celebration after all.
ticket (this time, a good seat because we were very early!)
So at 7:40, we lined up for the registration, and the photobooth of course, and then got our tickets and lootbag.  At this time, I was texting like crazy about the event, like I do every Nuffnang event.  That is just one way of thanking our generous sponsors by the way, he he. 
After some more photo ops, and hurried dinner at McDonalds, we went down again at the activity center to watch THE ELY BUENDIA SING!!!! And after two songs, they had to drag me to the elevator to go up to the cinema, he he he. 
my loots
And then during the program, my name was called as one of the winners of 1,000 GC from Wacoal! So wit the free popcorn and drinks, we watched the Man of Steel. But I was more awed with Fast and Furious 6, and Iron Man, than this one.  Or maybe, I was just busy drolling over Henry Cavill to pay much attention to the story line, hahahah!  Thanks again, Wacoal and Nuffnang!!! 

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 12, 2013

Happiness is:

1. Finally enrolled at the graduate school! Whew. Goodbye Sundays!
2. Revisiting my Alma mater, and the rush of memories.
3. The holiday today. Its not just the Philippine Independence Day, but also a 'freedom' day from the office, he he.
4. The movie screening today, thanks to Nuffnang and Wacoal! Double date with Ehms and Paul!
5. Minute Burger's Bacon Cheeseburger. They look way better than they taste, he he he.
6. My husband had a motorcycle accident, but thankfully only had cuts and bruises and no broken bones. Thank's God he was wearing his helmet properly!
7. Driving my kids to school and getting a barrage of kisses before they alight!
8. My Inay, for preparing my 'baon' with biscuit pa.  Ang dami nga lang kanin, parang pang contruction worker lang, hahaha.
9. The wallpapers!
10. The coming Pico de Loro climb on Sunday, as my last hurrah to mountain climbing as my Sundays are going to be occupied!

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Revisiting My Alma Mater: PUP

Jun 11, 2013

I graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines some 16 years ago, and this morning, I was there again to get some requirements for my graduate school re-admission and enrollment.  I was already having goosebumps once I saw the Pylon at the gate, and was giddy with happiness as soon as I saw the main building that I will recognize wherever I go. Memories came rushing in, and I couldn't help my self from smiling. 
The Obelisk was erected years after my graduation, and so it was a welcome sight.  Proof, and promise that my Alma mater will continue its to educate and empower young minds for the years to come.
I don't know what this wall is supposed to be called, but I know that inside it is the lagoon, which was built during my college days.  
And this was our 'tambayan' during our college days.  Its now the site for the Mabini Shrine. The house where Apolinario Mabini died was moved to PUP to preserve it.  I think its a great reminder to the students to love and serve their country.
From where I was walking, the Interfaith Chapel was visible. Yep, the scene of our numerous crimes, the site where hearts were broken, and dreams made.  Ah, those were the good times!
Indeed, I will be forever grateful to my Alma mater for the education that it gave me, and with thanks of course to the people who are paying their taxes to send "Iskolar ng Bayan" like to school.
Oh, and after 16 years, I am once more a student! Mabuhay ang Politeknikong Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 5, 2013

Happiness is:
1. The swimming party at Rona's place last Sunday! A last hurrah for summer and a chance to get together with great friends.
2. Emilie, our always M-I-A friend was there too!
3. The food: adobo and pakbet of Rona, Emilie's pizza delivery, Ehm's pansit and kakanin, and my chicken curry.
4. The kid's first day of school.  They woke up so early, excited to go to school. Hope they keep up the excitement for the whole year.
5. My excitement over our upcoming Davao trip.  Di bale na walang pera, basta madaming picture!
6. Losing two lbs this week. Well, I will gain it back again, but still.
7. My painting job last weekend.  The shoe cabinet is now painted a maple red!
8. New vouchers purchased for me, my mom and sister! Beautification project!
9. New developments on our housing loan.  Hopefully, we will get a lower interest rate and then qualify for a new loan after prepaying this one.  Keeping our fingers tightly crossed!
10.And property for the year has been paid, yes!

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Friends are Sisters God Forgot to Give You!

Jun 4, 2013

It was never easy for me to make friends.  I have lots of issues when I was growing up, and all of those added to my long list of insecurities, making it impossible for me to be self-assured.  So yeah, I am not an easy person to like.  And I don't easily open up, so making friends isn't always easy.  But I have been blessed with these girls who have known me since forever, and have been there all through out.  These are the same girls who listened about my difficult childhood and family problems, and the same girls who rolled their eyes at me when I still kept on talking about my problems, making me realize that I do not have a monopoly on bad childhood and dysfunctional family.
Emilie, Rona, Ehms,  May and me
And all through out these years, we have been friends.  We may not see each other as often as we like, but we do travel together, and make it a point to do stuff together.  And this has made us closer.  These girls are sisters, that God forgot to give me! 
Emilie, Rona, me and Ehms. May now lives in India
May me have more years of friendship ahead of us! This journey called life is made more enjoyable with friends like you around!


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