3D/2N Davao Itinerary

Jun 27, 2013

We were in Davao last week for a quick a 3D/2N adventure and we had a blast. We bought our tickets from the Piso Sale of Tiger Airways before they started charging fuel surcharge so a ticket for six only costs us P3,106 or only P517 per pax!  Anyway, here was our sample itinerary during our trip:
Day 1: 
Depart Manila 11am arrive Davao 12nn
Meet hired van at airport (P3,700 for 10 hours for 10 pax)
Drive thru at McDonalds for lunch
Arrive at Eden Nature Park (P200 for day tour with plated snacks)
Arrive at Philippine Eagle Center (P5 entrance at water station, P50 at Eagle center)
Arrive at Jack's Ridge for dinner
Arrive at Enrico's Apartelle (P2,970 for 6 pax, addtl 200 extra pax) around 9pm

Day 2:
Depart from Enrico's at 8am c/o hired van (P3,700 for 10 hours)
Arrive at Sasa Wharf for barge ride to Samal Island (P270 for the van, P10 per pax for excess of 2)
Arrive at Monfort Bat Cave (P100 entrance fee)
Arrive at Hagimit Falls (P50 entrance fee, P150 table rental)
Lunch at local carinderia (not time for Paluto, but the food was GREAT! and Cheap!)
Arrive at Maxima AquaFun (P200 entrance)
Depart from Maxima at 430pm and arrive at wharf for transfer to Davao (P270 for van, P10 per pax for excess of 2)
Arrive at Enrico's and go to downtown for dinner via taxi (P80 from hotel to Yellow Fin)
Back to Hotel

Day 3:
Pick up from Enrico's at 7am via Jeep (P1,400)
Arrive at Layak Paanod shop in Layak for gears (P450 per pax incl photos)
Arrive Talomo river for Water Tubing or Paanod
Depart from Talomo and back to Layak for shower and photo
Depart from Layak at 1230 and arrive at Enrico's at 115pm for check out.
Leave stuff at Enrico's and depart for Blue Carabao in downtown for lunch.
After lunch, go to Magsaysay Fruit Stand, Aldevinco, People's Park (just walk from one place to the other)
At 5pm, depart for hotel via Jeepney bound to Ma-a and visit NCCC mall
Dinner buffet for P138 per pax!!! (with discount for one for group of 6)
Get a taxi at NCCC mall, pick up stuff at Enrico's and head for the airport at 6pm.
Check in at 630 for an 8pm flight
Say goodbye to Davao and promise to come back again.

I will update this post with a post on each place we visited.

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