Friends are Sisters God Forgot to Give You!

Jun 4, 2013

It was never easy for me to make friends.  I have lots of issues when I was growing up, and all of those added to my long list of insecurities, making it impossible for me to be self-assured.  So yeah, I am not an easy person to like.  And I don't easily open up, so making friends isn't always easy.  But I have been blessed with these girls who have known me since forever, and have been there all through out.  These are the same girls who listened about my difficult childhood and family problems, and the same girls who rolled their eyes at me when I still kept on talking about my problems, making me realize that I do not have a monopoly on bad childhood and dysfunctional family.
Emilie, Rona, Ehms,  May and me
And all through out these years, we have been friends.  We may not see each other as often as we like, but we do travel together, and make it a point to do stuff together.  And this has made us closer.  These girls are sisters, that God forgot to give me! 
Emilie, Rona, me and Ehms. May now lives in India
May me have more years of friendship ahead of us! This journey called life is made more enjoyable with friends like you around!

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