Revisiting My Alma Mater: PUP

Jun 11, 2013

I graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines some 16 years ago, and this morning, I was there again to get some requirements for my graduate school re-admission and enrollment.  I was already having goosebumps once I saw the Pylon at the gate, and was giddy with happiness as soon as I saw the main building that I will recognize wherever I go. Memories came rushing in, and I couldn't help my self from smiling. 
The Obelisk was erected years after my graduation, and so it was a welcome sight.  Proof, and promise that my Alma mater will continue its to educate and empower young minds for the years to come.
I don't know what this wall is supposed to be called, but I know that inside it is the lagoon, which was built during my college days.  
And this was our 'tambayan' during our college days.  Its now the site for the Mabini Shrine. The house where Apolinario Mabini died was moved to PUP to preserve it.  I think its a great reminder to the students to love and serve their country.
From where I was walking, the Interfaith Chapel was visible. Yep, the scene of our numerous crimes, the site where hearts were broken, and dreams made.  Ah, those were the good times!
Indeed, I will be forever grateful to my Alma mater for the education that it gave me, and with thanks of course to the people who are paying their taxes to send "Iskolar ng Bayan" like to school.
Oh, and after 16 years, I am once more a student! Mabuhay ang Politeknikong Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!

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