Schick and Nuffnang's Man of Steel Movie Screening

Jun 17, 2013

Thanks to Schick and Nuffnang,  I was again able to watch the screening of Man of Steel. This time at Shangri-La, I was with my son, Drexelle. After registration, we were given food stubs for free drinks and popcorn! Yehey, I saved a lot, hahaha.
A selfie with my son while lining up for the popcorn.  Anyway, I don't need to tell you that I enjoyed the movie and my son, who was a certifiable fan of action movies,  liked it better than FF6 and Iron Man! What a surprise!  I was just there to ogle Henry Cavill's good looks! 
And after the movie screening, Schick gave us this loot bag with lots of razors and shaving cream(no photo as it was past midnight when we got home)! Yey!  Thanks Schick and Nuffnang!

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